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Pushing The Limits Of Your Art

   “Creating art can sometimes feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over.”


Working on a certain style is almost like waking up day after day and doing the same exact thing over and over. For some artist sticking with a particlar style suits them. The disipline in my eyes makes the art that much better. They also prosper from having the same style over and over and people can recognize a good artist work just by the brush strokes alone . Without even signing it. The hardest part of being an artist is the possibility of working on a certain style and never getting the funds or the support you deserve. That is probably the allure of being an artist. That free fall you take .Or that rabbit hole you go down and have no idea if it’s a good idea or a stupid one. For me, I get bored really really fast. Blame it on my A.D.D, but I need to push the limits to get that high of creating a piece and being done with it. Wether it’s READING a new book and learning about a new style of art or teaching myself how to solder to connect LEDs to my sculpture. This high i’ve been chasing has taking me further and further to my invisible art promise land. It makes me happy actually even if I sell it or sit on it. It keeps me motivated to making cooler and cooler stuff.

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